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As a fully scalable solution, HealthRota can be implemented Trust wide, or for a single rota. With the ability to create multiple rotas within a hierarchy, or roster all staff in one place, the system is designed to be customisable to meet any set of requirements.

Self Roster, Auto Roster, Compliance Checks, Junior Doctor working patterns, Swaps, Absence…. And much much more. The most comprehensive NHS rostering tool on the market. Ever evolving, ever improving.

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e-Job Planning

Record every aspects of a healthcare professionals working requirements. From fixed and flexible activities, right through to their travel requirements. The system employs a multi-stakeholder sign-off process.

The key difference on HealthRota… link those activities directly into their rotas and populate shifts direct from the Job Plan. Stop double-keying, reduce human error… Genuine Auto-Rostering.

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Locum Module

When it comes to locums the rota comes first. Where are the gaps? Who can fill them?

Integrated directly alongside the e-Rostering suite, issue locum jobs directly from the rota. Build a staff bank, send offers direct to users, record time and create digital time sheets, or send directly to ESR.

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