Healthcare Workforce Management

Improve flexibility, work-life balance, wellbeing and staff retention with our pioneering e-Rostering, e-Job Planning and Locum Workforce Management platform.

Built on the feedback of its’ users, HealthRota has been proven to simplify complex rota systems and mobilise staff fairly, easily and efficiently.

e-Rostering Staff Grid


Designed to make healthcare professionals lives better

HealthRota is built directly from our user feedback, ensuring we always provide the features that our users need.

Our cloud-based platform is easy to implement. Simply start with a single department, or roll-out trust wide using our usage-based fee model.


e-Rostering offers so much more than traditional spreadsheets and rotas. Create happier working environments with greater job satisfaction, higher staff utilisation and greater flexibility in workforce management.

Whether you want to roster entire departments, or empower staff to swap, fill absences or manage their own working patterns in real-time, HealthRota simplifies and manages every part of the process – giving you one less thing to worry about.

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e-Job Planning

e-Job Planning allows NHS organisations to deploy the workforce in a way that maximises patient outcomes and staff satisfaction by ensuring that the right staff with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time.

From fixed to flexible variables, record, manage and sign-off every aspect of a healthcare professionals’ working requirements including their travel needs. NHS trusts can also link all variables to shifts and reach the levels of attainment as set by NHS England.

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Locum Module

Make managing Locum professionals easier with our integrated e-Rostering suite. HealthRota gives organisations the ability to create, post and book locum jobs directly from the platform. Build a staff bank, send offers, record time, create digital time sheets, or send data to ESR for payments – all in one place.

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Take a look at the success stories.

Case Study

Brighton creates a blueprint for tackling burnout, capacity issues and transforming workforce management with annualisation & e-Rostering

Discover how the UK’s first true annualisation and e-rostering solution supported the A&E and general medicine departments at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, to implement three aims which were previously thought to be mutually exclusive; improve patient care, create a happier workforce, and reduce locum costs

University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust


HealthRota: An evaluation of a digital rostering platform for managing hospital doctors

A healthcare rostering platform evaluation. In order to provide safe, high quality hospital care, it is essential that doctors are optimally deployed. Digital platforms for rostering doctors improves both the quality of hospital care and the wellbeing of doctors. University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust evaluated the usability and acceptability of HealthRota e-rostering system.

Future Healthcare Journal

Case Study

e-Rostering turns workforce management on its head and makes it ‘easy to innovate’ at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital

Learn how new ways of working with e-rostering eliminated recruitment challenges, optimised rota management and improved work-life balance for clinical teams at Sheffield Northern General Hospital's emergency department.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Case Study

e-Rostering – Reducing admin time in a growing department

Reducing Admin Time - HealthRota has enabled us to move from a departmental rostering system based on excel spreadsheets and weekly inaccurate printed rota sheets, to a real time visible cloud based rostering system accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Published Article

e-Rostering an Emergency – How COVID-19 forced our Trust to implement e-Rostering within 2 weeks

During the initial COVID-19 pandemic, it quickly became apparent that the Trust’s understanding of its medical workforce deployment was inadequate. A review by Dr M Johnson, Dr S Gardner Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, UK published in BMJ Leaders.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

BMJ Leaders

Case Study

Rota innovation & e-Rostering in a large District General Hospital

Despite COIVD-19 impacting on the junior doctor experience. HealthRota still proved to be a much more popular and efficient system across all important aspects of medical rotas.

Anonymous NHS Wales Health Board


Case Study

Improving Staff Retention: Annualised hours rotas for emergency department doctors

Trusts often find that their emergency department (ED) doctors have low levels of satisfaction, high rates of burnout and high turnover.

University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Improvement

Case Study

Time to care. Securing a future for the hospital workforce in the UK

Increasing flexibility of rostering to reduce rota gaps in emergency care.

Brighton and Sussex University Hosptials NHS Trust



What our customers are saying...

We're delighted to be extending our partnership with HealthRota to support the e-rostering of more than 2,000 colleagues across our Medical and Allied Health workforce. Flexible rostering is at the heart of the national NHS People Plan and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust see HealthRota's e-rostering solution as the key to unlocking the potential of flexible, fair and transparent working for our colleagues."
Bridget O'Kelly
Director of People
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Already the data which HealthRota provides on the deployment of our workforce enables us to roster colleagues more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that patient safety remains our number one priority. I’m delighted that HealthRota will improve the experience of our patients, while benefiting our colleagues in the visibility of their own and their colleagues’ rotas – with promising increases in flexibility to come.”
Helen Byrne
Divisional Director of Integrated Medicine
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
The software has not only been invaluable to the teams/users, but has also contributed in significantly reducing the administration resource that had previously been required to manage the rotas. HealthRota is a far more cost-effective alternative”
Charlie Dyer
Workforce Hub Manager, Integrated Medicine
Cardiff and Vale Health Board
HealthRota has transformed how we manage our junior doctor rotas from a daily nightmare to a well organised and flexible system able to respond to the needs of modern working patterns. We are looking forward to putting all our Consultants on the sane system as soon as possible”
Lisa Leonard
Chief of Surgery Division
University Hospitals Sussex
HealthRota is the only system that truly allows use of annualised hours. Can work out how many hours each of your staff can work on the shop floor - based on their full time equivalent employment, length of contract, their contractual leave and their non-shop floor hours. This allows self rostering, ability to recruit staff who want a limited PAS/hours jobs and ability to recruit and utilise when needed clinical fellows."
Dr Rob Galloway
Consultant, Emergency Medicine
University Hospitals Sussex
It's clear that feedback from our medical colleagues has been incredibly positive for the simplicity and visibility that HealthRota provides. As a Division, we're looking forward to using HealthRota's e-rostering software to further enhance flexible working for medical trainees and to improve the delivery of care to our patients'."
Dr Stephen Gardner
Chair of Integrated Medicine
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
I spend roughly a quarter of the time I used to on self-rostering, my colleagues love the system, saying how user friendly it is, and how efficient. They can access theirs and others rotas simply and effectively.”
Dr Sarah Grimwood
ED Clinical Lead
University Hospitals Southampton
HealthRota has turned a stressful process into one that is reliable, efficient and much easier. Better for staff, better for administrators and better for rota designers”
Dr Matt Morgan
Critical Care
University Hospital Wales
Prior to introduction of HealthRota it took a Consultant about 4 hours of time per week to roster 18 Consultants across three departments. Now we have expanded to 44 consultants, the increased complexity can still be managed in half the time with the introduction of self-rostering and then subsequent shift swaps and give ups through the mobile application.”
Dr Andy Webster
Consultant, Emergency Medicine & CCIO
The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
We're delighted to be extending e-rostering and its benefits to all Allied Health Professional colleagues. Introducing HealthRota to our AHP colleagues will increase the flexibility and transparency of our rotas, supporting colleagues to provide the best possible care for our patients and achieving the key aims of the NHS People Plan. We're thrilled that by using HealthRota's software, colleagues will have an increase in the degree of working choices they have, while also allowing us to roster study and professional development time for the first time.”
Angela Brooke
Head of Allied Health Professionals
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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