HealthRota is built directly from our user feedback, ensuring we always provide the features that our users need.


Demand Planning

Customise your rota to meet your needs. See clearly when essential shifts are left unfilled.

Staff Utilisation

Allow staff to see their working requirement and their work completed. Ensuring fairness for both organisation and user.

Compliance Checks

Built in across the system. From checking Templates to every entry on the rota… live in one system.

Absence Management

All types of Absence and Leave catered for and customisable to meet your needs.

Self Rostering

Trusted by doctors across the UK and Northern Ireland. Making doctors lives better since 2018.

Auto Rostering

From Job Plans, or Templates (Repeating Patterns) directly into the rota.


Enter a persons contract and track their work done against work required. Achievable for all professionals. Providing staff flexibility, improving work-life balance.


One of users favourite features. Admin-free shift swaps keeps the roster compliant and reduces admin time.​


Your data is always yours. With a host of in application options plus the ability to export. There is no need not to be able to report on your specific KPI’s.​


Customisable layouts to allow you to see the data in the order required.

Less Than Full Time​

Hiring workers on less than full time contracts shouldn’t create extra work. Let the system manage their working time for you.

e-Job Planning

Configured For Organisations

Highly customisable e-Job Planning to ensure you can build Job Plans that meet the needs of the organisation​.

Caters For All Job Plan Types

Use with e-Rostering or without… utilise the Job Plan tool to keep all the data in one system.

Automated Calculations and Reporting

With e-Rostering, link data directly into rotas and feedback working totals to compare directly back against job plans. Full integration.

Auto Rostering

Create Job Plans that link to activities in users rotas. Auto-Rostering couldn't be simpler.

Locum Module

Integrated Directly With Rota

Send Locum job offers directly from the rota with all the appropriate working details. 3-clicks and the offer is sent. Once accepted, see the person appear directly where they're needed.

Send Jobs Directly To The Correct Audience

Add an unlimited volume of users to your staff bank, with seniority and skills settings to ensure that only the correct individuals receive the job offer.

Select The Preferred Candidate

Allows multiple users to put themselves forward for a job offer, giving the administrator the time to select the right person for the job.

ESR or Digital Timesheets

Once shifts are complete, send data direct to ESR or create digital timesheets.


Work Schedule

The system compiles a user's activities into one easy to read schedule across all of their trusts. Viewable by month or by week.

Leave and Contracts

View both Leave entitlement and working totals.

Self Rostering

Enable the workforce to self-select for shifts directly on the go.

Locum Jobs

Apply for locum shifts instantly with the easy booking system. See vacancies and how these fit in around an existing work schedule.

Exception Reporting

Junior Doctors – report directly on a shift, instantly on mobile. See our easy walk-through on the BMA website here

Time Reporting

Worked over? Changed shift times? Submit these on mobile direct to a supervisor. Reduce emails and human error the easy way.


Open Integration Policy

Awaiting confirmation of the NHS open API regarding e-Rostering and e-Job Planning. In the meantime, ready and willing to integrate with any software partner.


Import your ESR data to HealthRota or export your Absence and Attendance data back to ESR.


The data on the HealthRota system is very much your data. Importing and Exporting to excel allows speedy transfer of data, and also the ability to analyse and report back on any KPI's and data points.


AWS Web Hosted Cloud Platform​

Hosted on world leading technology inside the UK. Best in class security, availability and disaster recovery ensures your data is safe and ready when needed.

ISO27001 Compliant

Certified ISO27001 Information Security Management systems in place to protect your data.

Single Sign-On

Utilise a single sign-on across all HealthRota front ends including mobile.

Access Control

Configure the system to provide the correct level of access for your users using our flexible permissioning system.