Designed to make healthcare professionals lives better

HealthRota is built directly from our user feedback, ensuring we always provide the features that our users need.

Demand Planning


Create responsive rotas to manage changing needs and clearly see where essential shifts need to be filled.

Complete Transparency

Empower staff with transparency and the ability to view their working requirements and any work completed in real-time.

Compliant with Regulations

Ensure rosters are compliant with Working Time Regulations or any NHS contract with compliance checks integrated across the platform.

Manage Absence

Easily record and manage all types of absence in a customisable platform to ensure your staff are managed your way.

Enable Self-Rostering

Create a happy workforce, better staff retention, less rota gaps and less absence. Share the workload of rota planning with staff and reduce the complexities of workforce management.

Auto Rostering

Simplify administrative tasks by generating rosters in seconds from job plans or existing templates and rolling rota patterns.

Manage Annual Hours

HealthRota calculates the total number of hours or programmed activities (PAs) required to be worked (annualisation) offering professionals the flexibility to complete hours around their own commitments.


Taking time off has never been easier. Empower staff with the flexibility to swap their shifts while keeping the roster complaint and reducing the administrative burden for managers and coordinators.

Increase Visibility

Customise and view rotas and data in the way that works for you. Permanently view rotas in real-time and reduce the need to print various rotas for the pin board.

Manage all Working Patterns

Manage staff on varying working patterns on one easy-to-use platform.

Customisable e-Job Plans

e-Job Planning

Meet the growing needs of your organisation quickly and efficiently by creating highly customisable e-Job Plans​ wherever you are.

Integrated features

Access e-Job Plan data in one place, or view and manage job plans alongside e-Rosters.

Automated Calculations & Reporting

Link data to rotas and feedback working totals, helping to compare employee data in a single platform.

Auto Rostering

Create Job Plans that link to either shifts or activities in individual and shared rotas. Reducing double-entry and removing human error.

Integrated Features

Locum Support Module

Create and send locum job offers in 3 simple clicks from one integrated platform. Then accept, view and manage confirmed posts as needed.

Target Jobs to Skills

Add an unlimited volume of users to your staff bank, with experience and skills settings to ensure that only the appropriate individuals receive the job offer.

Find the Right Candidate

With access to a pool of people with the right skills, choose the candidate that is right for you.

ESR Integrated Digital Timesheets

Once shifts are complete, send data directly to ESR or create digital timesheets ready for payment.

Simple Scheduling

Mobile features

View all activities and shifts worked for each organisation by week or month in one easy-to-read schedule.

Leave and Contracts

View all requested and confirmed leave, including the working and contractual totals.


Manage time and resources more effectively by enabling teams to select their shifts wherever they are.

Locum Jobs

Apply for locum shifts easily using a simple booking system. See vacancies and review the schedule before confirming shifts.

Exception Reporting

HealthRota makes it easy for Junior Doctors to report issues in relation to rostering and training.

Time Reporting

Worked over? No problem. Reduce emails and the chances of human error by submitting updates directly to a supervisor via the app.

Open Integration Policy


HealthRota is committed to Open Integration and strives to comply with the NHS Open API for e-Rostering, e-Job Planning and Collaborative Banks when published. In the interim, we support partnership integrations with secure 3rd party software providers where there is a client benefit.

ESR data exchange

Simplify payroll by importing ESR data to HealthRota or exporting absence and attendance data directly to the ESR software.

Excel support

Import and export data to Excel for analysis - report KPI’s, manage resources more effectively, or review specific data points.

Secure Cloud Hosting


Offering best in class security with access, recovery and convenience using a world leading provider in the UK.

ISO27001 Compliant

Protecting and securing data with full certification and compliance with ISO27001 standards for Security Management Systems.

Single-Sign On

Using one login and the same verified staff credentials, HealthRota makes access easy with single sign-on.

Access Control

Configure settings to provide the desired level of access for each user with a granular access model.